Grant opportunities for SMEs in 2024

Author: Jan Pavelka

Have you heard about the new grants for SMEs announced for 2024? Here’s an overview of them. If you are interested in any of the calls and would like to know more, let us know. Our team of project managers will be happy to help you not only find the right path to funding, but also to tread it without unnecessary sweat and tears.

1. Digital enterprise

Subsidies for: acquisition of IT equipment
Enterprise size: small, medium
Amount of subsidy: 1-15 mil. CZK 1-15
Start of the call: the programme is under preparation
Percentage of support: up to 60 %

Basic information

The aim of the grant call is to support the use of digital technologies in Czech companies and to strengthen their performance and competitiveness.

Receipt of applications: expected 3rd quarter 2024
Evaluation method: continuous
Maximum grant amount: EUR 15 million CZK for 1 project
Call allocation: CZK 1 billion (to be specified)

What you can use the subsidy for

Investment in information and communication technologies (ICT) or the use of ICT-related services. The financial support must be directed towards costs relating to a fundamental change in the production process or to the expansion of the capacity of an existing establishment or the extension of the establishment’s product range to include products not previously produced at the establishment, or the establishment of a new establishment.

Information systems enabling complex digitisation of agendas (ERP, CRP, DMS, BIM, CDE, etc.).

Technology and hardware for non-production purposes:

Who can get a subsidy

Level of support

30-60% in total; the level of support varies according to region and size of the enterprise.

More information can be found on the Digital Enterprise Call website.

2. Proof of Concept

Challenge II
Validation of new R&D results before their possible application in practice.

Target group: SMEs, small mid-caps and research organisations
Total eligible expenditure:
A. EUR 1-10 million. CZK 1-10
– B. 1-50 million. CZK 150-150
Aid intensity: 25-70 %
Opening date for applications: 24 April 2024
Closing date for applications: 10 September 2024
Allocation: 250 CZK

What is the aim of the challenge?

Verification of the feasibility of research activities with a high level of risk and high innovation potential and the refinement of R&D results to the final stage.

Supported activities:

A. Activities related to the verification of the technical feasibility and commercial potential of R&D with a view to introducing a new product/technology/service on the market.

B. Activities aimed at taking the R&D to the final stage and preparing its commercialisation.

Project outputs

Activity A. Feasibility study, which will serve as a basis for the implementation of the next possible phase of the research project and the preparation of research activities, including verification of the technical feasibility and commercial potential of research and development in order to introduce a new product/technology/service on the market.

Activity B. Final prototype verified in operational conditions and detailed commercialisation plan verifying specific barriers and opportunities leading to increased profitability of the project including treatment of intellectual property rights and plan for obtaining financial resources.

For more information, visit the Proof of Concept Challenge website.

3. The Country for the Future – putting innovation into practice

Aid intensity: up to 50 %
Project size: up to EUR 20 million 20 million CZK of subsidy
Place of implementation: throughout the Czech Republic
Applicant: small and medium-sized enterprises

The main objective

Up to 50% subsidies for the introduction of innovations in enterprises, including the acquisition of know-how, necessary technologies or certification of new products before the actual launch of production or provision of services. The Country for the Future programme supports product and process innovation.

It supports a wide range of activities that result in a product, service, process or organisational innovation that has an element(s) of digitalisation. The support therefore covers industrial research, experimental development, but also all the costs associated with putting the innovation into practice. Eligible costs include staff salaries and insurance premiums, depreciation of equipment, consultancy services, overheads, materials, knowledge costs or, for example, patents. The programme is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises with a location throughout the Czech Republic, including Prague.

What can the subsidy be used for?

You can find out more on The Country for the Future website.